Why Should You Exhibit?

If you’re in the business of LED and smart lighting, there’s no better place to exhibit than LED Expo Thailand. With a focus on connected lighting for sustainable living, the show is a magnet for key buyers in the eco-friendly, energy-efficient, healthcare, social care, horticulture, human-centric, and smart lighting segments. It’s also an excellent opportunity to expand your business on the local and international levels.

  • Showcase your lighting solutions at the LED hub of the world
  • Meet and network with prospective local and international buyers
  • Analyze the competition in LED & smart lighting market
  • Launch new products in the presence of relevant audience
  • Create brand awareness & a greater visibility
  • Grow your business by closing deals
  • Generate new sales leads & collect a new database
  • Build contacts for long-term associations
  • Strengthen existing client relationships
  • Secure new distributors