Testimonials 2019

Ms. Ivy Soh, LEDVANCE Pte Ltd, Singapore

This is the first time we have participated in LED Expo Thailand, as ASEAN market is very important for us, and so is Thailand. We are glad that we have met a lot of ASEAN customers from Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam which were our target group of customers.

Mr. Rattawat Kamdee, K.P.T Machinery Co., Ltd.

We provide LED drivers and power supply. This is the 5th year that we have exhibited in LED Expo Thailand. We have met our target group of customers during the show such as manufacturers and interior designers, and their feedback is quite positive.

Ms. Kavita Kosalvit, Tadee Technology (1998) Co., Ltd.

We exhibit in LED Expo Thailand every year. We have received very good feedback from our target group of customers. We would recommend you to visit the show to explore the latest LED innovations.

Mr. Hans Kunswadl Frigodynamics Gmbh

It’s now my 4th time in LED Expo Thailand. I highly recommend you to visit the show because LED Expo Thailand is definitely on the forefront of LED exhibitions in ASEAN region.