New Lighting System by Mitsubishi Electric

04 Dec 2018

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed an indoor lighting technology that imitates the daily change of natural light from sunrise to blue sky to sunset. The system consists of a thin panel and frame measuring less than 100mm, incorporates a proprietary edge-lit method that emits LED light from the side of the light panel to achieve highly natural light with the depth and color of the sky.

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These innovative lighting are being installed at workplaces to create comfortable environments that stimulates and energizes employees. Furthermore, this will enhance the lighting in offices that receive no natural light or have no windows altogether.

Mitsubishi Electrics new system, unlike traditional LED lighting system, produces highly natural light, including colors similar to those of sunrises and sunsets as well as blue skies, and produces a sense of depth to make indoor spaces feel larger and more open.

The two major characteristics of the new lighting system are:

  • Thin package produces light with depth and colors similar to real sky
  • Replicates colors of blue sky and both sunrises and sunsets

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