• Smart ASEAN Forum

Smart ASEAN Forum is a series of sessions focused on smart technology leading to energy efficiency & sustainability. The sessions would also focus on well being, health, and innovations in various sectors.

The growing trend in Energy Efficiency and Digitalization has enabled greater control, optimization and analytics through Smart LED & lighting technology and SMART city applications. Smart LED technology helps to reduce light pollution or mitigate excessive use of artificial lights. Light pollution is amongst the most chronic environment perturbations on Earth, with negative impacts to health, environment, energy and sustainability.

  • Thailand Focus Seminar

A Series of focused topics involved from Government planning to Private Sector Commercial projects emerging trend and development for Thai market from Intelligent Lighting Plan under the Smart City Roadmap, Smart building trend in Bangkok, Interior lighting design trend for hospitality and commercial sectors would be covered.

  • Thailand Smart Automation & Digital IOT Workshop

In collaboration with the Federation of Thai Industries to nurture and enhance the technical skillset of our next generation of industry new blood with workshop on Smart System Integration and Digital IOT knowledge transfer and application .

  • Technology and innovative Solution Presentation

Get to know the technology and best case application behind the latest innovation from our exhibitors by joining this knowledge – driven session. Your starting point where the new technology partner could be identified to add value for your business.

  • Light ASEAN Forum

A comprehensive set of sessions on the LED & lighting industry. It comprises renowned speakers from all across the globe to share insights on market related trends & information. Interesting topics will focus on space-smart lighting, bar & restaurant lighting, energy savings, etc.

  • Seminar on the latest Standard & Requirement for the LED industry

Experts from around the world sharing their knowledge on different aspects of standards and requirements for LED lighting products from smart, digital lighting control in the IoT era to wireless technology application arena.

  • Buyer Forum – Business Opportunities in emerging countries of ASEAN

Attendees can gain insight on the overview of the Smart Lighting market in ASEAN, to learn the new sourcing projects and requirement. A true opportunity for oversea suppliers to obtain the localized market demand insight.

Note: Above Knowledge Sessions are under discussion with our Knowledge Committee and subjected to changes