Attraction Zones

Product Certification Assistance Zone

The main aim of the Product Certification Assistance Zone is to guide international exhibitors & ease their process of product certification for export to Thailand. This zone will have Product Standard Certification Partners where the invited consultancy companies that provide consultancy on certification of lighting products for exporting to Thailand will be present to assist in this process. In addition government bodies like DEDE, TISI, EGAT will also be present to throw light on the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) for lighting products (this is both voluntary and mandatory) set up by Department of Alternative Energy Development & Efficiency (DEDE) but regulated by Thailand Industrial Institute (TISI). DEDE is under Ministry of Energy and TISI is under Ministry of Industry, HEPS (High Energy Performance Standards) for lighting products (this is voluntary) set by DEDE but the labelling program(e.g. label 5, etc.) is responsible by both DEDE and EGAT & TIS 1995-2551 standards for lighting products.

Startup Innovation Zone

The main aim of the Startup Innovation Zone is to assess and recognize the best innovations around us, and utilize them as shining examples of what can be dreamt of and achieved – to embolden and inspire others. This zone is to showcase innovations in various areas such as agriculture, home, city, energy, health, lighting, mobility & more.

Energy Saving & Sustainability Zone

More value than just energy-saving, as to how smart lighting can create better environment and comforts of constantly illuminating whilst effectively yielding significant energy savings, Apart from energy efficiency, LED technology with its superior optical control, reduced light pollution, flexible light distribution, has resulted in over 65% electricity bill savings, 60% reduction in carbon dioxide, and 60% in maintenance costs, contributing to sustainability and environmentally friendly applications & practices.

Lighting Design Zone

Discover a successful lighting scheme that integrates into design at early concept. The inclusion of lighting design during the conceptual phases enables the lighting to enhance the perception of space, reinforce the activity within a space or highlight prominent areas.

B2B Matching Programme

B2B matching program provides a plethora networking & business opportunities. Exhibitors are matched with prospective buyers for one on one meeting.