Meaning & Features of Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design plays a very integral role in making sure that the ambiance of a place feels a certain way. Design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both is an important factor that comes into play during interior designing. The right amount of light can rightly define a place and there are some golden rules that need to be followed to achieve that.


7 Points about High Bay Lights to Help Understand Them More

  • High bays are designed for installation at very high areas (for around 8m and more) to provide well distributed and uniform light for big & open areas.


  • The key element of the fitting which will help guarantee the correct light output is the reflectors and optics used by the fitting.


  • A particular consideration for use with a high bay is if it can light vertical surfaces as well as it can illuminate the floor or working place.


2 Types of Kitchen Lighting Which Will turn Your Abode Attractive

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. Moreover, it is a place where everyone will gather when entertaining, so it is imperative that the lighting is both task-oriented along with being friendly and warm. Avoid light which is overtly bright. Also, all fixtures should be dimmable so the light can be adjusted to meet specific needs. Scroll down to unravel the two types of lighting which will accentuate the look of your kitchen!


Sol by GE: A beautiful and Dynamic Lamp

The newly launched Sol is a neat-looking LED lamp from GE which is roughly the diameter of a basketball at 13 inches wide.


The main features of this beautiful looking lamp are:


  • It consists of two rings of light: an exterior ring for the LED lamp and an interior ring for the familiar blue glow that indicates Alexa is listening.


  • The interior ring works just like the ring of light on the top of the Amazon Echo – it lights up whenever you say "Alexa" and glows red whenever you have her on mute.


Top 5 Smart Lighting systems for your home

Smart lights are the lights which are no longer restricted to just on and off or controlled by the nearby switch. The Smart Lighting system has completely changed the view the of lighting system, now you can change the color of the light and control it from your phone when you’re halfway around the world. They don’t just make it comfortable for you but your house much more beautiful than
you have ever seen it. Following are the top smart lighting systems which are best for the home settings.

3 Useful Grow Lights for the Horticulturist

Grow lights are the essential artificial light source for growing plants mostly where there is a lack of natural light. They stimulate the process of photosynthesis and help grow the plants.


3 Bridges Illuminated by Philips Lighting Which Are a Visual Treat

1. The LED lighting of an Architectural Marvel: The Meydan Bridge

3 Weird & Unique Applications of LED

Let us unravel 3 unique  applications of LED:

Why Solar LED Lights Are the Perfect Combinations for the Future!

The current scenario demands for renewable sources of energy. With considerable population growth, it is imperative that alternate modes of energy are being adopted to fulfill the surge in demand. Otherwise, we will soon be the reason for the exhaustion of the non-renewable sources of energy.  LED lighting has been playing the perfect part in reducing energy consumption. And with the combination and use of “Solar LED lights” the world would definitely turn better and greener!


Let us find how Solar and LED lights are the perfect combination:

3 Reasons why you should choose Solar LED Lights

With the sun shining brightly on us it comes as no surprise that it is becoming increasingly popular as an alternate source of energy. Lately, Solar LED lighting is garnering immense popularity due to several reasons such as durability, bulb life, and cost efficiency. Let us unravel these 3 reasons which make Solar LED Lights a winner!

1. Solar LED lights last longer: