International LED Summit + Light Talks 2017

International LED Summit+Light Talks 2017

82 delegates from 12 countries took part in the first edition of International LED Summit, a focused seminar targeting lighting engineers, architects and designers. Industry professionals had the opportunity to have insightful, one-on-one consultations with specialist lighting designers.

Key topics each session included:

  • Urban Redevelopment
  • Multi-Media Building Facades
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial and Retail

Participants earned 6 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits from the Architect Concil of Thailand (ACT) after sucessfully completing all sessions at the International LED Summit.



12th May 2017, Friday

Light Talks is a one on one confidential consultation with the world’s most renowned lighting design professionals, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and get professional and experts ‘strategic advice and guidance to your current and future projects.


10:00 - 10:20

 Dr. Acharawan Chutarat, Dr. Amardeep Dugar, Mr. Philip Raphael

10:30 - 10:50

 Dr. Karolina Zielinska-Dabkowska, Mr. James Wallace, Ms. Yoke Yuin Cheong

11:00 - 11:20

 Mr. Philip Raphael, Dr. Amardeep Dugar, Mr. James Wallace

11:30 - 11:50

 Mr. Lear Hsieh, Dr. Acharawan Chutarat, Dr. Karolina Zielinska-Dabkowska

13th May 2017, Saturday

09:30 - 10:05

 "Lighting and Urban Redevelopment"- Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar

Three fundamental questions essential to lighting and urban development will be discussed, explained and answered;

  • What qualities of urban lighting are critical to establish inviting public realms?
  • How should urban-lit elements be generically perceived and interpreted by its people?
  • What recommendations can be offered for urban redevelopment by means of lighting?

10:05 - 10:15

 "Light Pollution - Where Have All the Stars Gone?...Designing Urban Lighting with Responsibility”-Stefan Bittner

This presentation shall inspire Lighting Designers and Professionals to design/use lighting fixtures with responsibility to reduce and reverse Light Pollution in our cities. Our urban environment is changing rabidly and we need to adapt our urban lighting design concept as well as make use of new

11:00 - 11:35

 "LED Outdoor Advertising in the Urban Context"- Dr. Karolina M. Zielinski-Dabkowska

Discussions on the burgeoning development of solid state lighting – its efficiency, lifespan and its manageability, how the experts in the industry develop certain guidelines that can be applied in practice

11:35 - 11:45

 "Market Opportunities for LED Video Display Technology"-Ms. Yoke Yuin Cheong

Focusing on the most recent data analysis and future market trends with special attention to necessary industry questions;

  • How well does display compete against other technologies in digital signage?
  • What is the technical trend for LED display?
  • What are the regional trends, if you are going to expand business outside Thailand?

14:00 - 14:35

 "Future of Smart Lighting in the Thai Context"- Dr. Acharawan Chutarat

Smart lighting and how it effectively designed and implemented in the future with reference to Thai culture and regional life style, Also discussion on clear path to often confusing IoT labyrinth

14:35 - 14:45

 "Life Art and Healthy Lighting"- Mr. Lear Hsieh

How can we limit the damage of LED’s strong blue component? Also the session will focus on creating positive mood with the use of accurate lighting and lighting control

15:45 - 16:20

 "Lighting Design - Communication and Choreography"- Mr. Philip Raphael

Breaking down key elements using communication between designer and user, and closer look to the most successful designs that offers emotional and intellectual stimuli, captivating our utmost attention and interest

16:20 - 16:30

 "What Solid State Lighting Can Bring To The Shopping Mall Near You?"- Prof. Warren Julian

Highlights on the potential of solid state lighting (SSL) for retail applications and providing the most current  information on the most intrusive and invasive development in” lighting” technology

Conference Registration Fee

THB 2000

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