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Bureau of Supporting Industries Development (BSID), Department of Industrial Promotion together with Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) and Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association are to organize “Market Place”, an exclusive business-matching activity to help raise joint investment for the energy efficiency market during Thailand Energy Efficiency Week 2017.

This business matching service brings highly qualified investors or those companies that want to invest, as well as subcontractors into contact with leading manufacturers from a wide range of the energy efficiency industry as well as other related fields. The esteemed members & their network associations are in search of more diversity among possible suppliers on the show floor. Meanwhile, the exhibitors of Thailand Energy Efficiency Week 2017 will also provide local subcontractors the unparalleled chance to present their cutting edge manufacturing capabilities and to enter this new attractive and profitable market.

This activity is going to be the center platform for subcontracting companies and industrial part-buyers and entrepreneurs from domestic and international operations. These will include machinery, electrical and electronic industries throughout the world. This is a great opportunity for you to reduce your production cost by dealing directly with new local subcontracting companies.

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ESCO Business Matching

To stimulate business investment and energy conservation!

A perfect networking and business matching opportunity to connect Energy Service company (ESCO) with both government sectors and private companies that are interested in doing their own energy efficiency project.

ESCO is providing incentive programs to encourage energy efficiency investment as well as offering a broad range of energy solutions, including design and implementation of energy saving projects, retrofitting, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management, based on a performance guarantee concept with a standardized measurement and verification approach.

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Ms. Panvisut Baranakarn

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